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Shamanic Coaching

Basic healing process for clearing imprints and pathology from the luminous field. Kick starts the body’s Healing System. Discharging negative energy from whichever cChakra is holding the energy for the issue being addressed.

All done within Sacred Space.

Relax and follow your Shaman on a journey of enlightenment.   
Soul Retrieval
The shaman led by intention to retrieve the lost soul, travels into non-ordinary reality until he/she finds the soul part. The shaman’s job is to bring the soul fragment back to ordinary reality.

The choice to return must come from the soul itself knowing that circumstances have changed.Victoria will explain to the lost entity that things have changed since the trauma and they have more control over their lives now. Reminding them of good times as an incentive to return, acknowledging their former pain and terror, while negotiating for their return to the present.

Sometimes the soul part has fled to a pleasant spirit world and prefers to remain there. Fear, anxiety, depression, extreme joy, accidents, drugs, and/or alcohol are a few causes of Soul Fragmentation.

Other times they may have fled to a world where it not so pleasant and feel trapped or lost. Either way it is the shaman’s job to make the soul part understand that its proper place is at home in the client’s body.


An Extraction is done to remove either solid or fluid entity attachments.

Sometimes solid pieces get imbedded in our Light Body, either intentionally or accidentally, causing pain and discomfort. From this life  or previous lifetimes. These can be extracted. 

Fluid Extractions are done when an entity has moved into the Light Body  and is affecting your personality, moods, attitudes, often we are unaware of these attachments.  Ever hear someone say " He/She has not been the same person since the accident."? This may be because of a fluid attachment.
In the Tool Chest of a Shaman there are many treatment methods that can be used to lead you back to a healthier you.
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