Helping You Heal Yourself

Dr. Victoria Willard PHD
Dr. Victoria Willard PhD

“Helping You Heal Yourself”

Learn more about Victoria Willard and how she will help you help yourself to regain your health, observing the whole body, mind, and Spirit Victoria is here to guide you on the road to a healthier life.

Victoria Willard grew up with Grandmothers who used Folk Medicine and herbs as their first line of healing. In 1994 she began her formal studies into herbs (phytotherapy), aromatherapy, body energy healing, and Native American spirituality and uses of plants. She continues to add to her long list of healing methods, the learning never stops!

Victoria enjoys the healing aspect of her life and it brings great joy to help others find the health that is their right in this lifetime. Utilizing her many talents, she counsels many people in their walk of life, with compassion and love. Emotional Freedom Technique is used to assist people to find emotional peace, thereby releasing some of the physical as well as emotional pain that many of us are living with. Being a psychic healer Victoria can many times find the root of the dense energy which keeps us from moving forward in life with ease and peace.

Victoria feels strongly that everyone should have the benefit of good health and that everyone should be able to afford to get well. You are the only one who can heal you! 

Take back control of your health! 

Through knowledge and guidance, this is possible! She is here to help you, help yourself through the many modalities of alternative health.

In 2001, Victoria traveled to Thailand to study Thai Massage and increase her knowledge of Energy Medicine.

Victoria has been facilitating classes in Reiki, Herbal First Aid, Herb Identification, Muscle Testing, Thai Massage, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Pressure Point Therapy, and Quantum-Touch.

Now they are available to you via the internet!!

Victoria will guide you to better health, let’s make an appointment!