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How to Live with Anxiety


Has anxiety, fear, and depression taken over your life?

When you are living with anxiety and suddenly for no reason, that you are aware of, you can’t breathe, shaking uncontrollably nausea, and brain fog! Now, the chest pain makes you fear you are having a heart attack and going to die!!

Living with anxiety, fear and depression is no walk in the park.

Take back control of your health!

Scared you are losing your mind. You don’t want anyone to know, so you stop going out or talking to friends! No one knows what it feels like until they have experienced it.


I have been there; I thought I could take back control of my life if I could control the stress in my life. Then I focused on the symptoms, trying to heal, but it got worse as time went on.

I have counseled many people with anxiety disorders. I could empathize, but did not relate. Until things got really crazy in my life and now, I too had the unreasonable anxiety and fear of doing anything that might make it worse.

I know what you are experiencing, and how out of control you feel.

I found a way! I now use several modalities or therapies to control anxiety and depression.

And I want to share this knowledge with you, so you can lose the fear

Don’t close yourself off from the world. Step out in freedom!

You can easily learn the Tips and Tricks for yourself.

It brings me great joy to help others find the health that is their right in this lifetime.

I counsel many people with compassion, love, nonjudgmental openness. Assisting you to find emotional peace, releasing the physical and emotional pain that many live with.

I am here to guide you on the road to self-healing.

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