The following is a list of the many services in Victoria’s basket of knowledge!

Doctor of Philosophy, specializing in Consciousness Centered Living

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science

Metaphysical Minister – registered in B.C. Canada

Masters in Metaphysical Counselling

Ho o ponopono

Thai Massage



Muscle Response Testing

Flower Essences


Reiki Master


Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT)


Golden Age of Being Teacher – Men & Women, & Children


Shaman of the Seven Fires

Victoria's Services

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I have listed some of my certifications and where I got them. Over the years I have accumulated many services and modalities to assist others to find wellness, happiness, and peace in their lives.

I learned many years ago that I cannot heal anyone, they are the ones with the power to heal themselves. I choose to guide and educate others on their path to wellness. For some, it is a slow long road and for others, it can be quick and easy it is your choice as to how much work you are willing to put into your road to recovery and be confident in the results.


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